Friday, May 11, 2012

The failure of the Greek State to provide for its citizens engendered a disillusioned society

Greece is a case of a state that failed, a case of despair that forced its citizens, those that are at least self-conscious, to exclaim instead of the more than valid “I am proud to be Greek”, the self-pitied “I am sorry to be Greek”. These are the same Greeks that abstained from voting in the recent elections or as an “immature” form of protest voted for radical parties than now possess a catalytic say in the future of the Country.

The oxymoron is that although more than 70% of Greek voters would like to remain in the Eurozone, the vast majority of them voted for far left-wing parties and far-right wing parties and the neo-Nazi Gold Dawn party, most of which want Greece out of Europe or are fiercely against the EU austerity measures...

Oddly, the country that bread such great thinkers and statesmen whose contributions are considered to be the basis of modern economic thought and management of the world of today, is a country that failed at almost every aspect and a state that is not in a position to provide for its citizens engendering a disillusioned society.
The responsibility lies with everybody but mostly with the Greek political leaders and citizens who have to surpass themselves, their complexes and despair. Characterized by a spirit of collectiveness putting their personal and party interests aside they have to all brawl for a European Greece. Only an idiot and ignorant would even insinuate that a Greece outside the Eurozone would be a better Greece. The moment that Greece exits the Eurozone, that same moment, Greeks will be reminiscent of the Nazi occupation with "snugness"!

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